Tips for Homeschooling Mamas

Persistence, Love, and Kindness

A really neat thing happened to me last night, that touched me enough to share a little story with you. It all started Friday afternoon, as I was scrolling Facebook for the events in my area. I saw there was a dog comedy show in my hometown. Excited with the idea to surprise my dog-loving daughter with tickets for her upcoming birthday, I was disappointed to see it was sold out on their website.

I called just to check if there were any extra tickets available. The lady was really nice, but did not have anything available. Later, I posted on local Facebook yard sale pages, and my personal page that I was in search of tickets. To be sure with all the sickness and terrible weather the past few days, someone would not be going. I got no response.

To give a short description of our daughter: She never ever asks for anything. She’s quiet and shy. A helper, she’s always ready to help around the house (sometimes without ever being asked). She has made our experience with raising a teenager surprisingly easy. As I was thinking on these things, I was more determined to get those tickets to the show. She deserved it. I asked around and made another phone call. Still no luck. I made a last minute decision that we would go, in hopes of finding some no-shows. The theater is an hour away, but there are some great restaurants around town. If we couldn’t get in, we’d just be happy enjoying dinner together.

To my dismay, they were in fact sold out when we arrived. The lady checked again, and said there was only one seat available. I told my daughter to go ahead and take it and I would see if I could stand in the back. She did not want to do that, and thanked me for trying. I figured there was not much else I could do.

Kindness is around the corner.

As we were getting ready to leave, a lady comes from around the corner. She asked if we have our tickets to get in. I told her that we had checked and the show was full, but we would be happy to stand, if that were possible. I explained that I was taking a chance arriving without tickets, but hopeful there would be availability, especially since it was my girl’s birthday tomorrow. She may have been the owner, because without hesitation, she asked us to come in and led us right upstairs to the balcony. I asked if I could go ahead and pay. She smiled and said the tickets were on the house. Her kind gesture left me shocked.

My heart was full, as I watched my daughter smiling at the dog antics. I think we might have even had the best seat in the house.

You may wonder what this post has to do with homeschooling. Absolutely nothing. It has to do with life. Learning takes place in all forms. Go the extra mile for your teenagers. Never underestimate the power of persistence, the kindness of strangers, and the love of a mom.

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