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Rewind – The Very Best of Homeschool Fanatic

A year ago this week, I started a blog. I didn’t start a blog because I needed something to do, wanted to get rich, or because I think I’m the best homeschooling mom. I started a blog because I have a fire, a passion, and a drive. My goal has always been to encourage, share ideas, cheer on existing homeschoolers, and convince others to join the homeschooling lifestyle.

Fanatic is still the word I use to describe myself when it comes to homeschooling. My first year of blogging has been quite the learning experience, and I feel as though I have not even scratched the surface. To say blogging has been an enjoyable experience so far is an understatement! I have written 58 blog posts to date, 129 Instagram posts, 242 Pinterest pins, and many more Facebook posts. The numbers are not huge, but Homeschool Fanatic is a work in progress. I am looking forward to growing, as more and more families are opting out of public education.

If you are new around here, you can read the details about how I got started homeschooling on my about page. I’ve been reflecting on my favorite posts and reviews over the past year. In case you missed some or would like to read again, I will round them up here! Not sure what a fanatic is? Check out my very first post when I launched my blog.

REWIND – Favorite Posts from Year 1

These are my 10 favorites from my first year of blogging. It’s a mix of topics from homeschooling reviews to travel to encouragement, and a tad of controversy.

I love to travel, especially locally! This past spring my family spent the weekend on the beautiful NC coast. This was also my first Weekend Wandering post, and I’m looking forward to many more of these to share with you!

Soon after I started my blog, I started writing reviews for The Old Schoolhouse as part of the Review Crew. One of my favorite things we reviewed is a biography we read about Orville Wright.

Another favorite review for The Crew is Drive Thru History. I’ve never seen such an interesting, well done film about Biblical history. If you’ve never checked out the Drive Thru series, you are missing something fantastic!

This is a sweet story that happened on my daughter’s 15th birthday. Go the extra mile for your teenagers! Never underestimate the power of persistence, the kindness of strangers, and the love of a mom.

Math ideas to celebrate Pi. Because sometimes math goes down better with a slice of pie!

Remember when you were “That Girl”? I made a list of 10 practical tips that may be helpful to you in your marriages and your homeschooling journey. 

Thinking about taking a group of teenagers on a major field trip? Check out our first experience in our nation’s capital!

Encouragement for the new year, but certainly applicable to any time of year. Do The Things with your teens – the years are short!

This is where my passion is! A recent post for this time of year when being overwhelmed may push you off the ledge. Don’t let it! Homeschooling teens is fantastic, and the reward is huge!

My most popular post this year! This film was a game changer for me. It is nothing more than a review of a DVD that I watch at least once a year, but it sure did cause a stir on my Facebook page!

Looking Ahead

Blogging has been a great outlet for me, and I hope it is enjoyable for you as well. I currently have a few things I will be working on in the coming months that I hope you will find useful. Please don’t hesitate to let me know things you would like to see more of this coming year!

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