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Say It Saturday – Could Covid Be a Cure?

This week marks the anniversary where almost everyone homeschooled. Imagine that for a moment. By March 25th 2020, every public school in the country was closed. How have things changed this year for your family? Could Covid actually be the cure to a disease that has been lurking in public schools across America for years? Would I dare say yes? You bet I would.

If you checked out my first post in this series, you may remember my motive: to write simple posts about current events, homeschooling, or whatever random thing that’s on my mind. The short posts are aimed for conversation and my thoughts of things that sometime need to be said – the good and the not so good! So, here it is:

First, let me clarify that I am not making light of any virus that has taken the lives of loved ones. I do believe it is real, and I do believe people have died with it. I also believe thousands of children are better off at home. When the schools closed, I remember all the homeschool moms wanting to help, offer resources, tips, free stuff, and more. It was overwhelming, honestly, even to me! Homeschooling is a decision that takes time, dedication, and commitment. A decision not normally made in a day. Although I was thrilled the schools were closed, I did feel saddened at the abruptness of it all. I don’t think anyone saw that coming.

A virtual disaster

So began the virtual learning. From what I’ve been hearing, that has been a train wreck since the get go. Because of that disaster, many families began to hate homeschooling. Let me be the first to say, homeschooling is what you make it. The keyword is YOU! You are in charge, and that makes a world of difference! You can choose to do part online (which is what we do), teach the same subject to multiple ages (which is what we also do), and set up your own schedule on your own time (also what we do). The freedom that comes with homeschooling is one of the top reasons people do it.

Just a few weeks into virtual learning, we started hearing about certain school districts not wanting parents monitoring their child’s virtual classrooms. That should raise a bright red flag! We also heard about authorities being sent to the home of a 12 year old with learning disabilities without parental notification. Why? Because a toy gun was spotted. And those aren’t the only instances of school authority usurping parental authority. More recently, concerns in curriculum has been the hot topic. Critical race theory is nothing but teaching kids to hate our country and hate each other. The new extreme sex ed curricula should cause people to blush, and has absolutely no place anywhere outside of the home. History is being rewritten and perverted. And how the heck can a biology teacher and trans bathrooms exist in the same building together? I could go on, and on, and on.

The ray of light

I never want to end my posts on a sour note. There is light at the end of this dark hole. The virus has been exposed. For one, parents who may not have known much of what is actually going on, now know. Everyone knows. People in our state and local government know. If you are fortunate, you live in a state where people are fighting for the rights of your children to have a proper education. However, I feel it is an uphill battle that may not be worth fighting any longer. The shift in culture has changed, so why not have a shift in education – your way?

Sadly, it appears to me that parents are willing to continue to take risks with their children that they would not otherwise take anywhere else except when it comes to education. Think about changing education, rather than fighting to reopen something that will have a even more damaging effect than the virus that closed them.

I intend to touch this subject again with some practical ideas. I encourage you to check out a couple of books I have reviewed and strongly recommend: Dumbing Us Down and Answers for Homeschooling. I’d love to hear what you think – even if it’s not what I think, so feel free to drop a comment!

2 thoughts on “Say It Saturday – Could Covid Be a Cure?”

  1. Very well said! I see families complain about the schools but still refuse to take control of their kids education. I understand that it is scary but like you, I hope more decide to keep their kids home, too.

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