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Say It Saturday – Seuss Styled

Welcome to my first post of “Say It Saturday”. It will be kind of a mixed bag of sorts, and by that I mean a really mixed up bag! I am totally shooting from the hip (as I often do) but topics will range from current events to homeschooling, to whatever random thing I feel like saying. It may be shocking, it may be silly, it may be simple, but worthy of being said.

I plan for the post to be short and punchy, not really polished, except for a quick proofread. Meant for conversation, discourse, and to stir thoughts about how things sometime need to be said – the good and the not so good! Hopefully these quick reads will spark interest, raise questions, and perhaps raise eyebrows!

I started this post with this week’s news of Dr. Seuss on my mind, but you know what? I’m tired of hearing about it. It’s ridiculous, and everyone knows it! People have become anger addicts. So, to spread some positivity, I would rather compliment you, homeschool mama, on a job well done. Much of our work goes unnoticed, many of us are tired. Tired of winter, and definitely tired of Covid. Let me entertain you with a feeble attempt of a pat on the back, Suess style!

That is that, homeschool mom

Homeschool mom, you deserve a pat on the back, you’re amazing, you’re awesome, and that is that.

Homeschool moms wear so many hats! Teacher, chauffeur, cheerleader, and more! A chef and a maid are only two of our chores!

Homeschool mom, you are special, without a doubt! You’ve taught them how to read, write, and count!

Academics is not where it ends, you’ve taught them to be a team player, a buddy and a friend.

The day is never done, at the sound of a bell, planning lessons, grading papers, and trying your best not to yell.

Around the clock you work, work, work, teaching life skills, manners, and how not to be a jerk.

So from one homeschool mom to another, you are terrific, extraordinary, outstanding, and that’s not all – you’re marvelous, magnificent – your job is not small!

So give yourself a pat on the back, there’s no other like a mother and that is that.

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