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So Long, Homeschool Review Crew

After four years and 60 product reviews, my time has come to an end as a reviewer with the Homeschool Review Crew. Being a member of the review crew has been a blessing to my family, a learning experience for us all, and a time of growth for me. I knew at the start of this year, that it would be my last. One child has graduated, and my other one is nearing, we have simply aged out. What I didn’t know until recently, was that everyone’s time on the crew was up. The Homeschool Review Crew is closing.

Say What?

I was both shocked and saddened to read the news via an email back in October. The Homeschool Review Crew was created 14 years ago. I found the crew long before I started blogging as my go to source for reviews on homeschool products. Early in my homeschooling journey, I remember reading page after page of product reviews before purchasing curriculum for the year. In fact, I still do! The reason for the close is really about change. Changes in the way companies advertise, the explosion of social media, and other factors prompted the directors to press the pause button for the crew. Hopefully it will be a short pause while they brainstorm other ways to bring product reviews to the growing homeschool community.

I’m grateful to the Homeschool Review Crew for giving me the opportunity to review things I may not have known about or considered. I always give my honest opinion, but the review crew has helped me see how something could benefit another family, even if it wasn’t a good fit for us. That in itself, has helped me become a better writer. For three out of my four years on the crew, I volunteered as a checker. I spent many evenings making sure links went where they were supposed to go, disclaimers were worded correctly, and other checking tasks. Those things helped me find other bloggers I may not have ever found. For the record, I still prefer a blog over social media reviews! So, with the changing times, I still intend to give full reviews on my blog, but possibly more teasers or the short version on social media.

Blue Ribbons

Every year, the Homeschool Review Crew members and their kids get to choose their favorite products for the Blue Ribbon Awards. Take a look at the this year’s 2022 winners!

Most of my reviews are for high school level products, so I like to do my own blue ribbon awards. Since this is my last year, I’ll share my Top 10 winners from all of the 60 things I have reviewed during my time on the crew.

Some of these reviews may contain affiliate links. Should you check them out and decide you like them too, I get a small commission at no extra cost to you! Thanks for your support!

  1. Experience Biology from Journey Homeschool Academy
  2. Artistic Pursuits Sculpture Technique
  3. Continent Race by Byron’s Games
  4. CTC Math
  5. Lightening Literature
  6. Fix-It-Grammar
  7. Bible Memory App
  8. Timelines & Maps by Homeschool In the Woods
  9. It’s Not Greek to Me!
  10. World Watch News

Now What?

Reviews are my most viewed blog posts, so I will absolutely keep writing them. I have always found reviews helpful and I love to write reviews! I would love to partner with any writer, publishing company, or support other bloggers by reviewing products they have created related to homeschooling. Some of our favorites have been things written by fellow homeschool moms! Of course, I have numerous things of my own in boxes and on shelves, and will now have more time to review those too.

So, that’s why we’re waving a sweet goodbye to the Homeschool Review Crew.

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