Something to Celebrate

Something to Celebrate in August

What does William Clark, Francis Scott Key, Herman Melville, and Jerry Garcia have in common? They all celebrate a birthday on August 1st! Find out who else was born in August as well as Something to Celebrate for each day of the month!

Is it just me, or are we traveling through the months at top speed? I have thoroughly enjoyed this summer so far, although the homeschool mama in me is looking forward to the routine of getting back to school later this month. Here’s something to consider, as you may be making back to school plans of your own: have you ever thought about incorporating these “national days to celebrate” into your homeschool? I have. I may use them in our lunch crate, which is just an updated a morning basket. There are plenty of notable people to learn about, as well as history, art, cooking, and much more! The potential is really limitless and offer a variety of ideas to keep things new and fresh all year long.

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Small celebrations last month

We didn’t get to celebrate as many of the holidays as I would have liked to, but we are enjoying the carefree days of summer as much as we can! I always learn a lot while researching the days, whether it be through memes, or having fun little polls on social media! I was surprised to find out in friends I polled that wooden pencils are preferred over mechanical. What? Mechanical pencils are wonderful! It was also interesting, but not as surprising, that my Instagram followers prefer Coke, while my Facebook friends prefer Pepsi. Another cool thing I learned was that the inventor of the Rubik’s cube took one month to actually solve it! Learning through National Days has been pure fun these past few months!

Ideas for August

Several of my favorite things are showing up on this month’s calendar! Coloring books, root beer, lighthouses, books, and roller coasters just to name a few. There’s even a vinyl records day! That’s neat because I just got a record player for my birthday, and am starting a collection. Other fun days to celebrate in August are water balloons and watermelons, treats like sponge cake and s’mores, and don’t forget to celebrate your sons and daughters on the 11th. I will be setting a reminder to do something special, because I let son’s day pass without mention, and my son often reminds me of it.

August seems to have a few more notable people to mention. I think it’s cool that William Clark and Meriwether Lewis both celebrate August birthdays, as well as Madonna and Michael Jackson. Go on an exploration or have a dance party, it’s your choice! Perhaps you want to get artsy like Andy Warhol with fun pop art projects, or maybe try to draw comics like Gary Larson. Be sure to check out other famous people that made the list for even more ideas! Many times, I spot a person on the list that I’d like my kids to know more about then find a short article, or listen to a song by that person. I noticed Jay North has a birthday, so maybe we’ll check out a Dennis the Menace episode or two. We might even turn out the lights and watch an old Alfred Hitchcock movie.

Find the printable in the Free Resource Library

The carefree summer days are getting few. Make sure you are making the days count! If boredom strikes, go to the calendar for ideas. Print a copy from my Free Resource Library to keep handy. Also, my FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest  pages are where I post things I come across as they happen to fall on the calendar. I’d love to hear how you’re celebrating through August! Post a pic, and be sure to tag me @homeschoolfanatic, or use the hashtag #celebratesomething. If you are a blogger, and have a great post about activities that are a good match for these days to celebrate, I’d love to share share your post, so drop me a link! Happy AUGUST Celebrating!

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