Something to Celebrate

Something To Celebrate in February

What do groundhogs, bubblegum, batteries, dog biscuits, and tortilla chips have in common? Absolutely nothing. Unless you’re Celebrating Every Day!

Is it me, or has January felt like it has been about 17 days longer than it should be? Unfortunately, in the world of homeschooling, February is the month where homeschool burnout is at its peak. I’ve even heard it dubbed the “February Funk”, also known as the blahs. I wrote a post about how to beat the blahs last year, so to be prepared for the month ahead, you can find that post here. Good news, though! It does pass, and I’ve got more ideas for beating those blahs this month in my new Something to Celebrate series.

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Small celebrations last month

If you happen to read last month’s post, you’re aware of my little calendar, and the inspiration I got for 2021. Well, here we are a month later and who knows how long things will remain closed, or open with restrictions. So again, we will look forward to something to celebrate and create our own fun! While we didn’t do every activity last month, we did manage to do a few fun things that may have been overlooked if it wasn’t written down. One tip is to not only print out the free printable, but post it somewhere visible. About halfway through the month, I put mine in an old picture frame, and then I was able to remember to look at it!

Some of the things we did last month include cleaning desks, reading about inventions, and practicing handwriting skills. My daughter and I did a really cool handwriting/personality test that was pretty accurate! Of course, there is always food on several of the days to celebrate, so I made a bagel casserole, and a batch of blondies!

February: More than valentines & presidents

After you’ve printed out the free printable from the free resource library, it’s up to the imagination as to how to celebrate it. What is one of your favorite books to read aloud on World Read Aloud Day? How about your favorite fairy tale? What kind of ice cream will you have on Ice Cream for Breakfast Day? Will you choose to make banana bread or dog biscuits on the 23rd? Don’t forget checking the notable birthdays this month. Check out the interesting story of John Jeffries, and find out what he has to do with National Weatherman’s Day. Perhaps read one of the Grimm Brother’s stories on the 24th. Compare your kids height and shoe size with that of Michael Jordan. The possibilities are endless when you find something to celebrate!

I look forward to sharing these quirky holidays with you each month this year. Be sure to keep an eye on my FacebookInstagram, Pinterest  pages as well as MeWe, I try to keep thing varied, and that is where I will post links and activities on some of the days for something to celebrate. I’d love to hear how you’re celebrating through February! Post a pic, and be sure to tag me, or use the hashtag #celebratesomething. If you are a blogger, and have a great post about some of these holidays, I’d love to share the love by sharing your post, so drop me a link! Happy February Celebrating!

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