Something to Celebrate

Something to Celebrate in July

Happy Independence Day, and French Fry Day, and Yellow Pig Day, and Water-park Day, and what was that other one? Oh, I Forgot Day! There are some crazy days to celebrate this month!

Summer is a time when many have a schedule that allows for life at a slower pace. At least that’s what last summer was like. Now that things are opening up, it seems we have been busy, busy, busy! As a mom of teenagers that are growing faster than the speed of light, I find myself trying to fit in more things than ever. Things are different when kids get older. The things I’m referring to are different than when they were young. Rather than meeting up for park dates, various summer day camps, and the pool, I am looking for fun right here at home – with a few adventures sprinkled in here and there!

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Days to celebrate has been great for adding new ideas to our usual day-to-day routines. I find the quirky days can be fun for little ones, teens, as well as adults! The calendar has often led us to the kitchen where we’ve made dog biscuits, pies, and just last month – veggie burgers. Art, poetry, and the story behind the person have been some of the things we have done to celebrate the birthday of a notable person.

Small celebrations last month

Our family took a summer vacation to Kentucky in June, so for several days we were away from home. I also had a birthday this month, and jokingly decided to celebrate all month. I have to say, it was pretty nice! One of my favorite things we celebrated last month was painting seashells for Seashell Day. We have such a large collection, and it was fun to add some colorful designs to the shells. Other things in June that I learned more people than I thought drink unsweetened tea, veggie burgers aren’t too bad, and I began reading George Orwell’s 1984 in celebration of his birthday. We ended the month a few days behind schedule with Summersgiving. Keeping the tradition of having turkey, I found a fun Kentucky Hot Brown Slider recipe to make for the special day.

Ideas for July

As usual, food shows up often on the calendar. I’m not complaining, though! Fried Chicken Day, Mac & Cheese Day, French Fry Day, and many more are on the list for July. There’s even a Junk Food Day on the 21st! For Paper Bag Day, these crafts for kids and adults would be fun to make on a muggy afternoon. Have you ever used Oreos to lean about the phases of the moon? If not, your kids will enjoy this activity. You may also be interested to learn what a flitch is, and the history behind lipstick.

Some notable birthdays this month include a couple of men that predates the time of Christ. Also, if you haven’t introduced your big kids to the Rocky movies, do it to celebrate Stallone’s birthday! They are some of our favorites. Perhaps your kids would like to learn how to solve a Rubik’s Cube on the creator’s birthday. There are many authors with birthdays in July, so you may want to check out popular books by E.B. White, Beatrix Potter, Hemingway, J.K. Rowling, or Amelia Earhart’s biography.

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There’s plenty to do this summer, so if you hear the dreaded words, “I’m bored”, direct them to the calendar. Be sure to keep an eye on my FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest  pages. I’d love to hear how you’re celebrating through July! Post a pic, and be sure to tag me @homeschoolfanatic, or use the hashtag #celebratesomething. If you are a blogger, and have a great post about activities that are a good match for these days to celebrate, I’d love to share share your post, so drop me a link! Happy JULY Celebrating!

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