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Something to Celebrate in November

Celebrating Chapter 11 of 12

How is it we are approaching the final two chapters already? I must say, this year should go under the mystery/suspense category. Perhaps even sci-fi or horror would be more appropriate……. and still, two months remain.

While it remains uncertain how the year will end, let’s look at the bright side, and keep celebrating those small days that make us smile – or learn something – or eat! There are several food-related national days this month that go beyond turkeys! Have you ever had anything besides turkey as the main course for Thanksgiving? I have. One year while vacationing in Myrtle Beach, we went to a seafood buffet. Another year when I was young, either mom forgot to thaw the bird, or the store was out, I don’t remember those details, except that we had chicken…or was it a pork roast? Even though those details are forgotten, those are the holidays that make memories!

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Small celebrations last month

October was a full, fun month. Some of my favorite days to celebrate were pumpkin day, frappe day, and Frankenstein day. Because Frankenstein Day and Picasso’s birthday were both in the same week, I took some time and made a cool art project. Another fun day to celebrate was that of Noah Webster on Dictionary Day. Something new I’d like to start doing is learning a new word from the Bible, specifically the King James Bible. It is full of words we don’t hear every day, and I’ve learned that those “archaic” words really are the best ones to get the most accurate understanding of the text. Be on the lookout on my social media pages for King James Jargon posts in the coming weeks and months.

Ideas for November

November kicks off with Family Literacy Day. One of the best books I have ever read is The Read Aloud Family. Reading aloud never gets old, even with teens. This book is a must-have for your family library that you will refer back to through the years. Over lunch on Wednesday, read the interesting history of Sandwich Day. Check out all the other interesting food themed days such as Scrapple, Spicy Hermit Cookes, and Vichyssoise, or grab some fast food on the 16th – Fast Food Day! Chick-Fil-A is our favorite!

Most of us will be observing Daylight Savings Time Ends Day, but I won’t be celebrating. Night time is my favorite time but not at 5 p.m. If I started my own country, this would never be a thing. Well, I actually can start my own country – and so can you on November 22! That sounds like a really fun homeschooling project with endless possibilities doesn’t it? Flags, government, laws, plants & animals, location, and tons of conversation with your family. That definitely sounds like something any age would enjoy, because I’m sure we’ve all thought of it in one way or another.

One activity that we enjoy is hiking. It has so many benefits, and something families can do together. So, grab some decent shoes and enjoy Take A Hike Day on the 17th! If you’re interested in some of the things I like to take on a daytime hike, check out this post with a printable checklist. I always feel less stressed whether it’s walking in the woods or on the beach. Stress Awareness Day is this month, so if your kids struggle with stress, I highly recommend this activity book, or others in the series.

In addition to Thanksgiving, there are so many things to be celebrated in November. Take note of the notable birthdays this month too! Daniel Boone, Martin Luther, Monet, and even Mickey Mouse have special days this month.

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Which days will you be celebrating this month?

Check my FacebookInstagram stories, and Pinterest  pages, and at times MeWe. Those platforms are where I post things I come across as they happen to fall on the calendar. I’d love to hear how you’re celebrating through November! Post a pic, and be sure to tag me @homeschoolfanatic, or use the hashtag #celebratesomething. If you are a blogger, and have a great post about activities that are a good match for days to celebrate, I’d love to share your post, so drop me a link! Happy NOVEMBER Celebrating!

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