Something to Celebrate

Something to Celebrate in September

Oh September, you are so fun! Just in the first ten days are some of my favorite things to celebrate: wildlife, cheese pizza, reading, coffee ice cream, and being late for something! I’ve got a feeling that it’s going to be a great month!

Spoiler alert, the last ten days of September are just as good as the first ten! I knew it was shaping up to be a great month of things to celebrate! I’ll tell you what else I’m celebrating – the start of a new school year, and not just any school year, my daughter’s last one! What better way to lighten things up and make it a little more memorable than celebrating quirky holidays and notable birthdays? The cool thing about the Celebrating Something series, is that absolutely anyone can enjoy them in their own way. Use them as a lesson in your homeschool (or not), celebrate them in the kitchen, or simply learn about the origin of these nontraditional days!

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Small celebrations last month

To me, this summer seemed long enough, but not too long. On the other hand, I swear August 4 was just last week! While the month sped on by, we did take some time to celebrate. Some of the somethings we celebrated were watermelons, chocolate chip cookies, s’mores, root beer (and orange) floats, as well as some things that didn’t involve food, but not many! I pretended to paint like Andy Warhol, read The Old Man & the Sea, and watched my first Alfred Hitchcock movie, Rear Window. Out of the three of those things, my favorite by far was the Andy Warhol inspired bears!

One thing we really enjoyed was using a s’more maker that I had for so long, but never unboxed. I would highly recommend one like this one for the upcoming winter nights! It would also make a fun gift idea, because the holidays will definitely be here before you know it!

Ideas for September

Did you know there are several words that have no rhyme in the English language. “Orange” is the most famous. A fun idea to begin the first day of the month is to celebrate No Rhyme (nor Reason) Day. With your kids, make a list of words that do not rhyme with any others in the English language. Speaking of the English language, did you know that the letter “z” has not always been the last letter of the English alphabet? You may want to check out Ampersand Day on the 8th! There’s even a Punctuation Day towards the end of the month, that would be fun to celebrate our marks.

Celebrate Wildlife Day by getting some ideas from one of my older posts in a series called Noticing Nature. With the autumn equinox happening this month, there are plenty of things to see in the wild. Not everyday on the calendar is a fun day to celebrate, but certainly is to be remembered. Be sure to share things you remember about that devastating day in September, now 20 years ago. Teach them about our Constitution on Constitution Day. Many of the things your kids will learn about history will be passed on through you, so do your part to keep it alive.

Don’t forget about September birthdays! Build a skyscraper from blocks, tell a few redneck jokes, learn a new magic trick, or get a little messy fresco style like Michelangelo.

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I wish you the best as many are beginning a new school year! Be mindful of so getting caught up in academics that you forget the fun stuff. And that goes for ALL ages! Celebrate these days in your own way throughout the month. Check my FacebookInstagram stories, and Pinterest  pages, as they are where I post things I come across as they happen to fall on the calendar. I’d love to hear how you’re celebrating through September! Post a pic, and be sure to tag me @homeschoolfanatic, or use the hashtag #celebratesomething. If you are a blogger, and have a great post about activities that are a good match for days to celebrate, I’d love to share your post, so drop me a link! Happy SEPTEMBER Celebrating!

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