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Spotlight on Learning Wrap-Ups

The year was 1980 something. My 4th grade teacher would sit on a stool with a ticking stopwatch in her hand, and a gleam in her eye. Every student in the class would come up one by one to recite math facts, or times tables as they were called back then. The stakes were high. Get them all correct, get a construction paper Pac-Man to cover up the ghost. Miss just one, and the ghost remained on a chart with your name next to it, for all to see. Oh the pressure!

This post contains affiliate links. I am a PaperPie Brand Partner and have been for over a decade. I love to share their fantastic products, and make a small commission for doing so at no extra cost to you. Thank you for reading my post, and I hope you find it helpful. If you choose to purchase anything I share, I really appreciate it!

Practicing math facts and learning times tables are beneficial in so many ways. Yeah, we all carry calculators on our phones now, but there’s something about the ability to do mental math that is so helpful in day-to-day situations throughout life. Whether it’s a 30% off sale at your favorite store, how much tip to leave an outstanding server, splitting the dinner bill, or calculating the time when the awkward dinner date will be over!

We all know getting good at something takes practice, and I’ve got some super tools to do just that – Learning Wrap-Ups. They’ve been around a long time, because they work! Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions are available! Learning Wrap-Ups are not only for math. Learn states and capitals, music theory, vocabulary, and even Spanish!

How to use Learning Wraps-Ups

Using Learning Wraps-ups is super easy! Simply choose the key-shaped board you want to practice, using the attached string, start at the top of the left side, use the operation symbol in the middle to solve, then find the answer on the right side, and slip the string in the notch. Continue this process all the way down the left, matching with the answers on the right. Then, flip it over to see if you are correct. The pattern made with the string will match the pattern on the back if you are right.

Five Reasons You Need Learning Wrap-Ups

Now you know how to use them, this is why you need them!

  1. They are great for kinesthetic learners, or those who learn better “hands-on”. You know, the ones who have to be doing something – all. the. time. Some may even say the fidgety ones.
  2. They can be done independently. And isn’t that what we’re striving for?
  3. They are self-correcting. That goes with being done independently. Just be sure to shout out words of encouragement and affirmations while you’re steaming broccoli.
  4. They are self-contained. No flash cards all over the floor! This is a huge reason!
  5. They are portable, quiet, and do not require batteries or chargers! Fantastic for car rides, waiting at the dentist office, or carrying to grandma’s.

Bonus: They make a fun toy for the cat!

The Math Learning Wrap Ups also have an optional workbook package. The packaged sets include a set of Wrap-Ups and a 64 page workbook which details commutative and distributive properties of the basic math functions. The activities are fun and colorful, and will add an extra element of learning math facts fast. Be sure to check out our new My First Wrap Ups! There are 8 available for little ones ages 3-5.

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