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Fundraising: Simple & Profitable with Cards

Need cash, need it fast? I know, I know, it sounds like a line from a commercial, right? Well, let me drop you a commercial that is worth tuning in to! I have been known to cringe at fundraisers. Bake sales are hard work (usually for mama), same for yard sales. Kid-run carwashes? Ummmm, no… Continue reading Fundraising: Simple & Profitable with Cards

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Buh-Bye February Blahs

Every year around this time, there's something that may creep in slowly, or march in and stay awhile like an unwanted house guest. That unwelcome guest is known as the blahs, also known as the February Funk. Banish the blues with these tips and ideas! This post contains affiliate links, which cost you nothing extra!… Continue reading Buh-Bye February Blahs