Play Outside - Notice Nature

Noticing Nature – May

May brings so many things to notice in nature. Flowers, insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds - well, everything! It is hard for me to nail down a topic for this month, because there are just too many choices! One thing I've noticed while writing this series is how often things outside are always changing. It's really… Continue reading Noticing Nature – May

Play Outside - Notice Nature

Noticing Nature – April

There are so many awesome things to take notice of this month, and I've found some creative ideas that anyone - especially teens will love! All of us are finding ourselves at home more than ever these days. I do miss weekend dining out, but other than that I like to be home most days.… Continue reading Noticing Nature – April

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The Ultimate Treasure Hunt-Geocaching

Noticing Nature - March This is a special edition of Noticing Nature! In a time of social distancing, practically everything is closed, and people are going stir crazy - I've got the perfect outdoor activity that can meet all the requirements for everyone's new normal. Would you believe there are millions of treasures hidden all… Continue reading The Ultimate Treasure Hunt-Geocaching

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Noticing Nature – February

The Noticing Nature series to spark interest and provide simple activities to be enjoyed by teens. It amazing to see things you may have not noticed before when you start looking! It won't be long now! How do I know spring is near? Well, the groundhog didn't tell me. My Forsythia bush did! Every year… Continue reading Noticing Nature – February