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I am excited to kick off my third year on the crew by reviewing the the Ultimate PreK-12 Annual Membership from I feel like a broken record when I say every time I look around on the site, I find something new, but it’s true! This year, I’d like to share with you something new they offer, as well as what we are currently using.

What is is an affordable homeschool curriculum site offering courses for families with kids in preschool through high school. It is an excellent option to use as the core or to fill in gaps in your homeschool curriculum. There are over 450 online courses to choose from on Classes are self-paced and are presented in a variety of formats, and one membership covers the entire family! 

With so many features, it would be impossible to mention them all. In addition to the over 450 courses, there is an extensive video library that is included with your membership of Choose from hundreds of wholesome and educational videos ranging from marriage to missionaries, apologetics, entertainment for kids, as well as academics. For Drive-Thru History series fans like myself, both the American History series and the Ancient History series are available!

The World Book Online Resource Library is really amazing! It’s nothing like the World Books I grew up with! All the information is separated by library, grade, and subject. There are eight libraries to be exact, and believe me, there is enough information to easily fill eight libraries! Interactive maps, videos, timelines, eBooks, games, activities, and so very much more!

What we are currently using on

My 11th grade daughter is taking the Introduction to Graphic Design as an elective this year. The course focuses on the basics of graphic design, and covers topics such as legality, fonts, colors, and creating designs with the message in mind that you want to convey. She’s more than half way through, and has learned a great deal about graphic design, and what actually goes into those logos, flyers, labels and more.

A look inside Introduction to Graphic Design

Now that we are back from a holiday break, I will be adding in a fun elective that she and I will both do. It’s a Photography Challenge. I love taking pictures, and I’ve noticed her knack for photography for some time. I think this will be a fun course to stretch our creativity. The challenge will also serve as a good opportunity for her to use my camera she inquired about during the holidays.

A few courses we have used in the past are Marine Biology, American Folklore, Daily Puzzlers, and more. You can find those past reviews here and here.

What’s New?

Well, there’s always something new! I logged on the other day, and Voila – there was a banner across the page with information about a new course in French. Another new thing I want to mention are the newly released Curriculum Boxes. With the closures and uncertainties of 2020 this spring, began offering these virtual School Boxes to help take the work out of planning your homeschool curriculum. Many times, the most difficult part of homeschooling is figuring out where to start. When you are overwhelmed with choices, and just need a direction to start, these “virtual boxes” have got you covered. There is no physical box of materials to store, no shipping cost, and no delay while waiting for materials to arrive. Even if you’ve been homeschooling for years, and just need to lighten your load – these can help. They are free with membership, no matter how many children will be using them.

I have not even scratched the surface of all has to offer. There are so many things to explore: from recordkeeping to recipes, transcripts to tutorials. The options available can be somewhat overwhelming, but the layout of the site makes it easy to navigate. There is so much variety, flexibility, and an endless amount of resources packed all in one website!  Check out what other homeschooling families found while exploring by clicking the banner below. wants to help you plan for a successful and enriching year ahead. Joining the community means your entire family has access to over 400 courses, a print subscription to The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, FREE access to World Book Online, Total College Success, and RightNow Media. Pay only $90 today and lock in your next nine months of homeschool curriculum. Use code: FRESHSTART23 at checkout to gain access to these essential homeschooling tools and so much more today.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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