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Teen Bible Study – The End

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty. Revelation 1:8

The future. A fascination many have had throughout the ages. People turn to psychics, crystal balls, spiritualists, and even Hollywood film to find out what’s going to happen. All of humanity has questions about what lies ahead. Thankfully, there’s a Book that tells us what we need to know that we call the Bible. Parts of the Bible aren’t so easy to figure out. I had the opportunity to review The End: A Bible Prophecy Study for Teens by Cheri Fields to help explain what happens in the end according to God’s Word.

What is The End?

The End: A Bible Prophecy Study for Teens is just what the title says it is. It is a study for teens about Bible prophecy. It is a 140 page paperback book packed from front to back with a comprehensive study of end times. The author, Cheri Fields, takes the reader though the Bible digging through the layers of clues and hints scattered throughout.

The introduction gives some useful background information regarding the wrong view of prophecy, examples of split prophecy, some of the ‘characters’ of prophecy, and some helpful study tips. The next section deals with Jesus and his role in prophecy. You can’t have a bible prophecy study without a close look at the book of Daniel which is the next part of the book. A brief look at some of the shorter prophecy passages are also covered. The rest of the book is a chapter by chapter, verse by verse look at Revelation. At the close of the book, Cheri offers encouragement and tips on studying the Bible, as well as an invitation to salvation. I would have liked to have seen a verse or two as exactly how to get that with a clearer presentation of the gospel as found in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4.

The End: A Bible Prophecy Study for Teens is written in a conversational tone. I find that helpful, and not so text-bookish, and I’m sure teens will appreciate that as well. The book is well-organized, and will have the reader flipping from cover to cover in the Word. Definitely a good thing! Consider it a Bible study as well as a Bible drill.

What I thought of The End

I applaud Cheri for her break down of such a thick topic and book. I love the fact that she has an obvious passion for getting teens in the Word. Just because the targeted reader is young, the material is not watered down. The End: A Bible Prophecy Study for Teens is not a book of fluff, feelings, or a devotional. It is a deep Bible study, which so many people young and old alike need.

There are several places where I put check marks in her book. However, there are several areas where I put question marks on as well, namely where we (the body of Christ) fit in all of this. I do share her futurist, premillennial views. Where we differ is the prewrath interpretation of the Scripture she holds. I believe in the pretribulational view of the rapture of the church. The main difference being the timing of when the “catching up” or “rapture” will take place.

Exactly as Cheri puts at the beginning of her book, it’s like the prophets were looking over mountain peaks. “Some bits are near, some predictions are on distant high peaks with the huge final events that wrap up history.” (p.4) There are several valleys between those peaks, and that’s where I believe we are today.

Final thoughts about Bible study

The author mentions on her website, that there are some things we’ve just accepted as tradition and not biblical without studying for ourselves. I feel the same way. For years, things I assumed to be true turned out to be unbiblical when I began really studying my Bible. When I grasped what 2 Timothy 2:15 instructs us to do, “study” and “rightly divide”, things began to be more clear for me. All students of the Scriptures should be searching things out, or as one Bible teacher I follow says, “Don’t take it from me, search and see.”

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I think it’s fantastic that Cheri tackled this Bible study for teens. It is a challenging study, and I plan to use her book in my own personal study. I look forward to learning more about end times, and sharing it with my family. Check out how other reviewers used The End: A Bible Prophecy Study for Teens by clicking on the banner below!


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