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The Best Bible Curriculum

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2:15

Did you know this is the only verse in the Bible that instructs us to not only study, but how to study? When teaching such an important subject, it’s best to do it the way God says.

In one verse you can learn the what, why, and how of Bible study. What? Study. Why? To shew thyself approved unto God. How? Rightly dividing the word of truth. This is the first curriculum I have found that follows those instructions. When one approaches studying God’s Word in that way, it clears the contradictions and confusion that stifle knowledge and growth in the Word.

I was not paid or asked to write this review. I purchased this curriculum for our family, and the opinions and thoughts are all my own. This post may contain affiliate links. I may make a small commission through purchases made through some links at no extra cost to you. You can read my disclosure policy here. Thank you for supporting my blog.

What is Through the Book of Books?

Through the Book of Books is a basic overview of the Bible presented in 52 lessons. It is fantastic for home schools, Sunday schools, personal or family Bible study, as well as small group studies. The curriculum is recommended for ages 12 through adults. Through the Book of Books is written by Lori Verstegen. Homeschoolers who are familiar with IEW curriculum may recognize her name as the author of several of IEW’s theme and history-based lessons. Lori helps students understand the Bible by giving an overview of all 66 books, their place, and their purpose. Knowing this will give the student a solid understanding of the Bible as a whole. Following the instructions in 2 Timothy 2:15 will clear any confusion you may have had as a student of the Scriptures, and will get you on the right track for a lifetime of delight in the Word.

How to use Through the Book of Books

The curriculum consists of three parts: a Teacher Manual, a Student Book, and the Key Concept Cards. The Teacher’s Manual provides answers to the worksheets, and includes discussion ideas, review games, object lessons, and many other activities. The Student Book is a lesson guide that contains worksheets and other engaging activities. The worksheets are fill-in-the blank style, and a King James Bible is needed to answer the questions. The Key Concept Card Packet includes key concepts and memory verses. There are paper copies at the back of the book for you to copy onto card stock.

The contents of the lessons begin with three important lessons before jumping into an overview of the individual books. Students will learn key truths such as what the Bible is, how it is organized, the message for man in the Bible (which is the message of salvation), and a lesson on “rightly dividing the Word of Truth.” As we begin the tour through the Bible, it is beneficial to remember that “All the Bible is FOR US, but it is not all TO US nor ABOUT US” (Verstegen, 18).

The lessons go through the books chronologically, giving an overview of the book with blanks to fill in as you go through the lesson. There are a variety of activities to reinforce learning weaved throughout each lesson. Some are in the form of a word search, a game, and a review of concept cards. Students will use these cards and store them in a lap book-style folder, all while building a prophecy timeline.

What we thought of Through the Book of Books

Through the Book of Books will provide a strong foundation for your children, as well as yourself. It is simplistic in format and rich in content. One of our favorite parts of the curriculum are the games. Lori provides many creative, but easy ideas for reinforcement. I have even used these ideas for other subjects as well. My children were the perfect age (middle school) when I found Through the Book of Books. If your kids are older, it is not too late! They will learn sound, Biblical doctrine unlike anything I’ve ever used in the past.

If you are an adult looking for a solid Bible study, I would recommend it to you too. And do it all! The games and reinforcement activities are not just for children. I’m thinking this would be so much fun for a small group of adults, or even better, a mixed group of adults with teens and tweens! There are no age segregated churches in the Bible anyway, and I’ve had an issue with why that is such a foreign idea for awhile now. I’m going off topic, but I believe there’s a potential problem with modern youth ministries today.

So, to answer what we thought of Through the Book of Books…the kids and myself greatly benefited from it. It gets 5 stars for sure! In fact, I will confidently say that this is the only Bible curriculum for middle and high school to date, that I would consider using as a core Bible curriculum. If it does not follow 2 Timothy 2:15, I would have reservations about using it. As an adult, it is hard to unlearn years of wrong teaching, so start out young, start out “right”!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Other Bible study resources

The Christian book and curriculum market is saturated with misinformation, inaccuracies, and flat out erroneous texts. Unfortunately, I have used several of them in our homeschool before I found this. I’d love to give you a long list of resources, but sadly, there’s not much out there that I recommend. I will tell you the best way to learn, is to read the Bible more than reading books about the Bible. God himself tells us to “give attendance to reading”. While you are reading, it’s also good to put some of it to memory. Index cards work well, but if you or your older children prefer technology, Bible Memory Pro is an app that’s terrific!

A dictionary is also beneficial to study, as some of those archaic words have disappeared from our modern vocabulary, but don’t run out and get an easy-reader Bible, though! Take just another minute to learn a “new to you word”! If you have elementary age children, I would take a look at the Bible ABC Activity Book by the same author. I have not used it, but I feel confident it is a solid, sound introduction to the Bible for little learners. I’m so glad my search was over when I found Through the Book of Books a few years ago! Happy learning!

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