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This Isn’t a New Year’s Resolution. It’s an ALL YEAR Resolution!

At the start of every new year, people everywhere make resolutions. Losing weight, being more organized, and changing habits are probably the most popular. While I would like to do all those things, the one thing closest to my heart is homeschooling. Finding ways to improve, finding new things to implement, most of all – finding how to balance homeschooling with the rest of my life. Please tell me I’m not the only one struggling with balance!

Last year, I purchased a fantastic book to help. I thumbed through the pages with delight. I loved the layout, the content, and the do-ability. There was one problem. I did not use it. It got shelved and forgotten. I came across this book again yesterday, and began looking through the pages, as I thought about the new year approaching. This time of year, I tend to get overwhelmed with the many to-do’s involved with homeschooling. To my surprise, I got no further than the first few sentences in the introduction to know this was for me!

If you’re anything like me, you find dozens of great ideas you could use to get and stay organized in your homeschooling and life. The problem is overwhelm. Where do you start? It often feels like you aren’t organized enough to get organized.”

Dr. Melanie Wilson , The Organized Homeschool Life

This morning, as I was looking through this book again, I had a great idea! Why not form a group of homeschooling mamas to do this with? I knew I’d be more successful if I were held accountable. There is motivation in numbers, right? I had done a few other book studies through Facebook groups, and have thoroughly enjoyed them. Not only have I learned new things, I’ve formed new friendships through books. Although reading is normally a solitary activity, book groups have given me an outlet for ideas and conversations that I would not be able to do alone, of course.

About the book

The sections in The Organized Homeschool Life are short, bite-sized “missions” so to speak. I found it similar to FlyLady that has been modified with homeschoolers in mind. For instance, January has 5 challenges broken down over the course of the month such as: daily devotions challenge, daily routine challenge, to do list challenge, memory keeping challenge, and a decluttering challenge. There are only a few pages to look over each month, so it’s very doable to do along side any other types of reading and activities you do. The challenges range from setting goals, to planning meals, to reviewing your curriculum and much more.

I am an an affiliate for Amazon as well as Grammar Galaxy Books. This book is terrific, and highly recommended. If you choose to purchase through my links, I receive a small commission. I greatly appreciate it!

If this sounds like something that would be of interest to you, I will be forming a Facebook group for you to join that we can benefit from by doing it together. It would not be anything that feels like a lot of “extra” to do. The author admits that she has not completed all the challenges. In fact, on page three she forbids beating yourself up for not doing every mission! The book is simply a guide to help the unorganized get organized.

The author of the book has some special deals going on, and a new Live launch beginning later this week. You can find out about it on the banner below. You can also purchase the book through this amazon link.

I’m looking forward to 2020 being our best homeschool year ever!

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