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Twenty Terrific Ideas for Grinches

It’s no secret that Christmas is not my favorite holiday. It seems the commercialism begins earlier with each passing year. I, of course, go through the motions, but warm, fuzzy feelings are not what I get from the “magic of Christmas”. In fact, my closest friends have dubbed me as “The Grinch”. I’ve had a little fun with the deserved title over the past couple of years, and thought I would share 20 Grinch-themed fun activities for your holiday season in this round up post. I’ve combed Pinterest for the very best grinchy activities that include things to make, eat, and do with your family this season! Hey, we Grinches have our own way of being festive.

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Deck the Walls with Grinchy Artwork

One thing that makes me less grinchy is making artwork for my walls. Art is fun to do with little kids, big kids, as well for moms that have kids who are no longer interested. That would be me. I have a special wall I created last year with grinchy artwork that I look forward to adding to each year. All of the art ideas are guided step by step and easy-peasy!

Art Projects for Kids provides a cute step-by-step guide to drawing the Grinch. Kids can use any medium they like, and the simple directions make it easy to have great results. This guide helped us make our very first grinch – I even got the kids to recreate it again several years later on small canvases.

The Art Sherpa This is my favorite and most fun Grinch to paint with acrylics. I had so much fun painting with Cinnamon on YouTube. It seemed as if I were painting and having coffee with a friend! Her painting tips are also fantastic!

Createful Art My latest Grinch painting! Very fun! I enjoyed this tutorial late one evening on YouTube. I made it my own with a different color background, and monogrammed the stolen ornament.

Prismacolor Pencil Drawing this video was amazing to watch, and I would love to try watch it at a slower speed and try it with my terrific Step By Step Painting I would love to do this one next year! The printable traceable is nice, because you don’t have to focus on drawing to have great results – the magic can be all in the painting!

Fill Up with Grinchy Food

Grinch food ranks second in my love for all things grinchy! There are so many possibilities for fun and creativity with food, like painting – except only better, you can eat it! After the gifts are opened and relatives are gone, our small family has a “feast”. It’s never exactly the same each year. I mean, the “roast beast” can be any kind of beast – ham, turkey, chicken, or some kind of roast. Grinch greens can also be whatever you want as well. As long as it’s green. For Who Hash, I always make Hashbrown Cheese Casserole. Here are more favorites that I have made, or plan to.

Grinch Punch This is on the menu every year. I love this stuff! Tip: Don’t skimp on the sanding sugar – it’s the best part!

Grinch Kabobs A fun to make, fun to eat, not so sugary snack! The fruit pairs well with the sugary punch, hahaha.

Grinch Popcorn Terrific for movie night!

Grinch Guacamole – This looks fantastic! I made homemade guac this summer, and it was so much better than packaged. I’m definitely trying this one!

Grinch Fudge I love fudge, and the presentation looks amazing!

Grinch Games/Activities

Do grinches even really like games? Probably not, but these are definitely worth a shot!

Minute-to-Win-It games are a hit, especially with competitive teens!

Jeopardy – we played this computerized game and cast it to the television the other day. I was the winner!

Grinch Grab – Remember the “punch game” on Price is Right? This is similar and can be tailored to fit kids, or adults! I’m thinking of doing this for our family get-together this year.

Scavenger Hunt – put a twist on the selfie scavenger hunt and make it Grinchy by including the Grinch in all the photos. It could be a small plush one, or just a printable.

Bingo – I’m a Grinch, but will never pass on a game of bingo.

Grinch Gifts

When it comes to some gifts, I’m a BOGO. the “GO” part is not to give one, but to buy one gift, and get one for myself! Whether it’s DIY or purchased, Grinch gifts are a hit!

Grinch Bath Soak – after a long day of not-so-Christmas cheer, go for a soak with this DIY recipe!

Grinch Garden Flag – take the easy way out on decorating like I did! This is all the decoration you need.

12 Days of Cocoa Grinchmas – I am not into gifts that create clutter. This is one you can drink!

Grinch Mug – because you need something fun to put the Cocoa in.

Grinch Family PJ’s – if you have a family of grinches, and are family pajama people, these are great!

Well, that’s the best things I’ve found on my quest for grinchyness this season. May your Grinch punch be sweet, and December 26th come quick!

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