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Home Sweet Home – Usborne & Kane Miller Mini Units –

For several years, through Usborne Books & More, I have hosted a summer reading challenge. The summer of 2020 was much different than other summers. Instead of summer travel, it was the summer of staying home. My reading challenge had a “home” theme, so I ordered a few books to go with the theme. Then I had an idea……….

I’m excited to introduce Read & Learn Mini Units! I started with the “home” theme for the obvious reason – many families are now homeschooling or virtual schooling due to the corona virus. I have always enjoyed themed unit studies on various topics, especially using a book as the main component. It’s even better when you can pull in just a few more resources and create something that all the kids in your family can learn from, as well as enjoy.

I am an Usborne Books & More consultant, and this post contains affiliate links. That means I make a commission should you purchase from these links. It cost nothing extra for you, and I provide personal customer service. Just like you may have a hair lady or a cleaning lady, I’d love to be your book lady! I love sharing some of the very best children’s books in the world, and would like to continue to provide these unit ideas for free to my readers.

Home, Sweet Home

Home, Sweet Home is so rich in content that it was easy to come up with many ideas to turn this picture book into a unit study! This wonderful picture book is about what makes a house a home and what homes look like in different cultures around the world. It is recommended for ages 3-7, but I would easily stretch that up to 10. Depending on how many kids are in your home, many activities can be done along side an even wider age range.

  • The main theme throughout is geography. Home, Sweet Home takes you through approximately 30 different places! Print out a free map, and find them all! A listing of places mentioned can be found in my Free Resource Library.
  • Practice counting skills using your own home. Find out how many rooms, windows, light switches, stairs, beds, and spoons are in your home. The amount of things to count in most homes are limitless!
  • Practice shapes by making simple houses from construction paper. Cut out squares, triangles, circles, and rectangles, and let the imagination run wild!
  • Plant a garden, or grow a plant inside. Herb gardens are fantastic for beginners!
  • Grab a roll of paper, and make your own wall paper like King Louis XI. He preferred angels on a blue background. Wallpaper has an interesting history!
  • Cut a lizard from construction paper, decorate it, and place on the wall.
  • Cook an African meal outside.
  • Try eating with chopsticks.
  • Try eating with clean seashells.
  • Eat your meal on a low table or blanket on the floor.
  • Build your own Lombard Street! You can use painter’s tape to make the eight hairpin turns and race matchbox cars on it. Another idea is to use your driveway. Draw Lombard Street with chalk, grab your favorite bike, trike, or scooter, and see if you can stay on the course!
  • Check out some of the tallest buildings in the world. Use blocks to make your own tall building!
  • How do astronauts sleep in space? Watch this cool video to find out!
  • My favorite is the houses of Sibiu. Perhaps you could put some googly eyes on your shape houses.

These ideas can all be found as a printable in my Free Resource Library!

Other recommendations

Build Me A Home is a beautiful picture book! Imaginative places include a treehouse, castle, submarine, skyscraper, and more, all written in rhythmical text. Be inspired to make your own fort at the end!

Got an animal lover? Further the unit study by seeing how the animals live in their habitats with Peek Inside Animal Homes and Look Inside Animal Homes. We also have a new Peek Inside Bug Homes!

To enhance motor skills and creativity, the First Stickerbook Dollhouse is perfect.

If teaching multiple ages, let the babies and toddlers in on the action with My Little House. This adorable set contains six little board books for little hands. Not only are they great as is, the case doubles as a sorting and matching game!  The books also stack nicely to make tiny towers!

Another fun book for little ones is the Very First Book of Things to Spot at Home. Tons of learning for tots is packed in this series that is a customer favorite!

What if you have older kids? They will love Make Buildings! In this architecture-themed drawing book, older kids and even teens will enjoy designing their own houses and stretching their creativity skills. Simple architectural terms and ideas are introduced along with information about famous buildings. Quantities are limited on this, so you may want to check out Architect Academy and Architecture Scribble Book. Both are also similarly amazing!

See how many awesome ideas can stem from a book? Remember to grab the printable in the Free Resource Library!

Where to find the books.

I have been an Usborne Books consultant for over 10 years, and one of my favorite things to do is to help people find the perfect books for their children. You can order anytime on my UBAM website, and if there is ever a time when something is out of stock or out of print, I keep stock on hand, so I might just have it! Always ask. I also do virtual “parties” – it’s a great way to earn these amazing books for free! Please contact me if you have any questions. If you have an idea for a mini unit you would like to see featured, I would love to put more of these together! Remember, shopping through the provided links will certainly help me better serve you!

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