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What We’re Using for 12th Grade Curriculum

It’s true that education isn’t something you can finish; however, this is the last year I get the fun job and honor of choosing what my own kid will be learning in our homeschool. I don’t know if I’m ready for this, but I might as well be! So, without further ado, here are our homeschool curriculum choices for 12th grade! (I’ll save my mini soapbox speech for the end.)

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Introduction to Public Speaking – No matter which path one chooses in life, this often dreaded subject is for everyone! I’m planning to do it too. This is a video course, taught by Mr. Andrew Pudewa from IEW. I recently had the opportunity to hear Mr. Pudewa at the HEAV convention, and he is a spectacular speaker!

The Vocabulary Builder Workbook – This is a continuation from last year. Learning vocabulary has benefits that will last a lifetime and spans all subjects. I have a list of games to play for reinforcement.

How the World Runs – I feel that a solid understanding of economics with a biblical worldview is essential before graduating high school. This one seems to have those things, with practical life information as well. It does have a workbook to accompany the course, but I plan to write my own chapter reviews.

Introduction to Forensic Science – I hope this is as good as it looks! I’m not sure that is a field our son will be interested in, but just the observation and critical thinking skills to be gained will be helpful – plus it looks super-cool!

Italian – In the spring, my son expressed an interest in foreign language, specifically Italian. This is a new program from TalkBox.mom that a young lady sold me on at the homeschool convention this summer. We will be using the phrasebook component of the course. I like their approach to learning a foreign language, so we’ll see how it goes!

Welding – he’s taking another course at the community college, as part of the certificate program. This will be the second year courses.

We will likely round things out with a literature unit or two, that I have not decided on yet. Everyone knows that customizing curriculum will help your highschooler better prepare for the future, but these past few years have put a spotlight on curriculum and the influence it has on a generation entering adulthood.

I look around and see new marketing reps running companies straight into the ground, young adults are graduating, but can’t tell the difference between a male and female, and simple good work practices and ethics have become so hard to come by. The world is noticing. I highly recommend taking a look at a book review I wrote, and see for yourself the evil plot. Perhaps more people begin to step up, abandon the current government system of disinformation education, and train their own children to be strong leaders in society.

I hope my choices, as well as others who are interested in giving their children a custom education with a biblical perspective will make a positive mark on the world we live in.

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