Welcome to my new blog!  My name is Jenn,  I am a wife to one amazing husband, the mother of two fantastic kids, two cats that tolerate us, a dog, (who as a new dog owner I am smitten with), and I am a HOMESCHOOL FANATIC – but not until recently.

I vividly remember the days I was working as a physical science tech on a military base, not being able to button my lab coat, or run many of our lab test involving harmful chemicals, because I was expecting our first child.  I spent my last few weeks there chatting it up with my lab partner who was a new mom herself.  All things baby, daycare, and even education was a frequent conversation.  We even talked about homeschooling, and how that could NEVER be an option – that was just plain WEIRD.  Growing up in rural eastern North Carolina, I only knew of one homeschooling family, and we knew nothing about them, except they must be weird.

Fast forward to our new baby girl, just 12 weeks old.  Maternity leave was up.   I think my husband knew we couldn’t just leave her at a daycare, and suggested I remain home for a while.  While I wasn’t sure we could afford it, I trusted him, and didn’t ask twice.  With baby in tow, I  went to the military base, and began the process of checking out – for good.

At two, we enrolled her in preschool.  Soon, the papers started coming home about Kindergarten orientations.  “But she’s so small to be at school all day”, “our school district seems to be the worst”, I would say.  We attended church with a homeschool family and they had great kids, so we invited them over for dinner and ended up talking until after 1 in the morning.  We were both convinced.  I would “try it for a year” – and so began the best decision we ever made regarding our little girl.

Homeschooling has been a great experience.  It is hard work, but I treat it as the greatest job I’ve ever had, and with just as much, if not more seriousness than any other past job.  For several years,  when people would ask, “how long I was going to do this before I put the kids in school”,  I would reply,  “one more year”, or “I just take it day by day”…….

It wasn’t until just a couple of years ago, the kids were 10 and 12.  Something changed.  I don’t know exactly what, but when I would hear people say, “when are you going to put them in school?”, or “I could never do that!”, I would have to hold back and smile, because what I really wanted to say was  “why WOULDN’T you want to homeschool your kids?”  I’m waiting for those questions again, because now I’m over 40 and have become more bold, and I would totally say it with pride!

My vision for this new endeavor in blogging is to provide you with encouragement, support, ideas, and oodles of confidence – that YOU are the best one suited for the job.  I plan to share with you the fun things, such as learning through games, field trips, and creative ideas for older kids.  I love to talk curriculum, planning, and scheduling.  I may say some things that will surprise you here and there.  Most of all, I want to cheer you on – to keep going!  As a mother of a 12 and 14 year old, it gets tough. By this time, some give up this whole homeschooling gig to hand their kids over to someone who maybe more “qualified”.  Sure, the work gets more difficult.  I have stayed up so late trying to refresh my memory on how to do basic algebra, or diagram a sentence, but I can assure you that YOU are enough!  I hope to find inspiration from you as well, as I know there are many creative, talented moms out there to share ideas with.

A few more tidbits about me:  I’m a night owl, I love to laugh, I’m somewhat of a grounded-free-spirit.  I enjoy simple things.  I am still learning the concept of time.  I have good intentions.   I love coffee and good conversation.  I am a fanatic.

Join me here on the blog, find me on social media, or contact me at homeschoolfanatics@gmail.com.  I would love to hear from you!